Right Back at it Again

So another unplanned hiatus from WordPress. In part, because I was up in the middle of no where Maine with no wifi or TV (it was glorious). The other part was this temporary time in which I thought I might give up writing. After considering my options, I’ve decided that I’ll never stop writing, because I simply must write. It is not something I chose, because of royalties or fame, but something that just naturally flows from me. Instead, I plan to really focus on writing. I’m currently working on a chapbook of poetry, for which I have about fifteen poems written so far.

Although the book is mainly about the perils of drug addiction and ultimately about finding the true self, I think I may include a poem that serves as a preface to the book. If I do, here’s the poem I would choose, because I think it demonstrates the greatest demon that everyone houses- self doubt. That tiny over-critical voice in the back of any artist’s head, or any person’s head, that tells them they aren’t good enough. Shut it off, just for a day believe in yourself. Hope you enjoy:

A Poem a Day

I want to write a poem every day,

make a tiny desk calendar of poems-

string them around my room like Tibetan prayer sheets.

I’m going to wallpaper my bathroom in congratulatory print-

premonitions of publication that dot the wall

like dandelion seeds, spreading over every inch of sky

blue paint, until they suffocate the mirror

and I can no longer stare into the crystalline surface

to ask myself: What do I have worth saying to the world?

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