Trials & Errors of a Novice Writer, Expert Screw-up

do not touch

       After experiencing a writing rut like no other recently and toiling with potential blog names and directions, I think I may have found my blogging niche. Presenting: “What Not to Do (Trials & Errors of a Novice Writer, Expert Screw-up). The year of 2016 has already been deemed “The Year of the Savage,” which means bar-none, anything goes, act first-think later, the bare truth, and Carpé-ing the f*ck out of that Diem. So, through my own trials and errors I am generating a list of things Not to Do this summer (and, by default, generating a list of things to do this summer). Here are ten things you should not do this summer.

What Not to Do This Summer:

  1. Do not delay from having fun! This is the first rule, because it is the most important (the rest are in no specific order). Rule numero uno means if you get invited to an event when you’re only other option is sitting at home binge-watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Netflix-take the offer. If you have just enough money in the bank to attend a concert you’re interested in: go. Be a yes woman/man.
  2. Don’t make plans only to break plans. I have already broken this rule, because I started a blog and let it fall by the wayside. If you talk to friends about taking a trip or attending an event (no matter how far) make it happen. Budget if you must, plan ahead, and get everyone else hyped about the plans, whatever they may be.
  3. Do not blow off family time this summer. Perhaps it is because I have been surrounded by so much death lately, or maybe I’m just old fashioned, but spend some quality time with ma and pa or your extended family. Go for a walk, get ice cream, play Apples to Apples. Sometimes you’d be surprised at how well family can get along when they try.
  4. Do not forget to pack the essentials: mainly snacks. Snacks always come in handy, as well as plenty of water, especially when spending long periods of time outside. Don’t forget sunscreen if you’re spending time outside either. Bring a phone charger, your ID, any tickets or paperwork needed. Make a list in advance when traveling, so nothing gets over-looked.
  5. Don’t think that everything must go according to plan. Often times things change. For example, at Moonrise festival last August, I lost my phone on the ground during Bassnectar’s set and then lost my friend while looking for said phone. Luckily, I found my friend who happened to find my phone, however, I would have been prepared to Uber back to our hotel had I lost her for real. Moral of the story: stay alert and be prepared for anything.
  6. Do not sweat the small stuff. The average American spends entirely too much time stressing out. Do not be one of these people. If things don’t go you’re way, so what? 9 times out of 10, it is not a sign of the apocalypse. (Besides, everyone knows that it will rain fire and people will float naked into the sky when the actual apocalypse happens).
  7. Don’t get stuck in a rut. Get up. Go for a run, learn to play an instrument, write through the writer’s block, do whatever it takes to stay in motion and not get stuck in a rut. Bodies in motion tend to stay in motion and when stuck, relocating and refocusing your energy on another activity can get the rusty wheels spinning.
  8. Do not spend money on the unnecessary. Pack a lunch to bring to work, ask yourself if you’ll really wear that knit crop-top often, and save your money for the real fun. Save change and cash it out when you’re funds are running low to avoid dipping into your real savings funds.
  9. Do not wear flip flops to concerts or the amusement park. Please. Flip flops will not help when the 300 pound man in the mosh pit slams his booted foot down onto yours. Flip flops do not stay on when riding a roller coaster that travels at G-force 6. If you’re headed to the beach by all means rock the flops, but otherwise leave them at home.
  10. Don’t be shy. Introduce yourself, go to events alone. Make friends wherever you go and turn off that little critical voice in your head. Let loose and have fun. It’s 2016: The Summer of the Savage. Take advantage.

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