Cage the Elephant & Portugal the Man


Well, being as I am a crazed music fanatic, I have found myself in a position where I am going to see Cage the Elephant, Portugal the Man, and Broncho tomorrow at Summer Stage in NYC…alone. I’ll have to take a car ride to the train station to the subway to the venue on foot after, so this should be some trek, but I definitely believe that it will be worth it.

2016 has been a year of pushing personal boundaries for me, I have been submitting more work, participating in more readings, now traveling alone to another state. Who knows where I’ll end up next? I do have multiple concerts on my list for 2016, among them; The Walk the Moon summer tour, Moonrise festival in Maryland, Dick’s festival in Colorado, and Louder than Life festival in Kentucky. Who else has exciting plans for the summer (concerts or otherwise)? A bucket list perhaps? I’m thinking it’s time to start forming one myself, so some idea generation/conversation would be a good start.

I’ll give an update of the show the day after tomorrow probably. Until then…


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