Update on Ars Poetica Reading

Sorry it’s a tad late, but here’s my update on the Ars Poetica reading: I apparently only have 2&1/2 poems published in the magazine. Somehow I managed to send half of a poem I wrote entitled “Recurring Nightmare” and the editorial staff thought that was the entire poem and accepted it for publication anyway. I have to say, it’s kind of an ego stroke to know that they accepted half of one of my poems for publication. Anyway, there were some really great poets at the reading and author of Love, Love, Sung J. Woo came to the release reading (he just read at my school recently). While I was reading the full poem, “Recurring Nightmare” from my personal list, I saw Sung J. Woo nodding his head and that was even more of an ego stroke.

Public speaking has never been my strong point, however, so I did trip over some of my words, but all in all it was a great night. We had some post-reading drinks down the street and began reciting poems after a few beers. Plus, I actually won at pool, which is a rare occurrence. I’m sad that I won’t be able to submit to Ars Poetica next year, because I’m graduating, but it is motivation to continue submitting elsewhere. WordPress has already given me some magazines that I’d like t submit to, but being that it is the last week and a half of my senior semester, I do not have time right now. I should be getting back to my twelve-page essay on Sylvia Plath now anyway. Until next time.

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