Update on the Washington Reading

Sooo, the Washington reading was interesting to say the least. There were six chairs and four of them were occupied by my family and the other two were occupied by the fiancés of some of the readers. Who would have guess? Six chairs was just enough for the audience, readers not included.

But I exaggerate. There was actually more than six people in the audience, although there really were only six chairs. The podium looked like a skinny concrete birdbath that was just big enough to barely fit a piece of paper. Then there was the wind, which was blowing reader’s papers all over and the traffic—trucks, motorcycles, convertibles with sound systems blaring, you name it (and I thought that cows were funny last week). Then there was the coordinator of the festival’s excellent choice to put the kiddie face paint tent right next to the poets, whom read poems that had curse words in it and one entitled: “Porn for Women.” All in all, it was a good reading. All the undergrad students read some excellent poetry. Stay tuned for more.

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