Washington Arts and Crafts Fest

arts n crafts

Saturday, April 24th is the arts and crafts festival in Washington, NJ. My teacher- a poet by the name of BJ Ward who both inspires me and makes me want to throw my own writing in the trash- invited me to read at said arts and crafts festival along with several other writers/poets. Apparently there were readings at the Warren County Fair, but the cows and tractors were too loud for the readers to be heard (that was the first and last reading held at the fair). Anyway, I’ve never been to the Washington arts and crafts festival, but it’s an opportunity to build an audience for my poetry and I am told it is a craft beer festival as well (which, let’s face it, the beer is the real reason I’m participating). The readings begin at 1:00 pm and continue until 3:00 pm.

I invite any and all of the WordPress community to come to the fair; hear some up and coming poets, see the many crafts, and drink a few beers. I only plan on reading a few short poems, but among them is a poem I just wrote entitled: “Apology for KIT,” which I am posting below (KIT is my mother). Any feedback, comments, criticism, etc. is always welcome.

Apology for KIT

My mother and I have never been close,

but we’d go shopping and I’d ask her opinion on clothes,

holding two shirts up in front of her judgemental eyes

 and whichever she didn’t choose was the one I would buy.

I swore to myself I would never become her,

but the afternoon I got home from jail and hugged her

it was as if the Berlin wall was crumbling in my kitchen

and I thought maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to become this woman.

We held each other and cried and she whispered: We’ll get through this.

We got through it.

I know that she loves me

despite the wounding words I used as weaponry

against her. Why was I so against her anyway?

The woman who gave me life and gives me the daily gift

of telling me that she’s proud of me.

Well, I’m sorry. I’m sorry

for having burdened you this way

and I love you—words I could never bring myself to say.

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